​​The process of increasing awareness and improving relationships involves honoring the physical body, learning to balance the mind and emotions, relating with authenticity and kindness, and learning ways to consciously connect with your Higher Self.  You deserve health, happiness, and to live the best life possible.  Allow me to guide you and share tools to improve your life so you can feel better and be free to experience your destiny.​​

As an Addiction Specialist and Recovery Coach, my work is informed by the following ideology:​

  • There is not a one-size-fits all approach to recovery. 

  • Effective, lasting interventions address the whole person:
    • physical body
    • mental/emotional bodies 
    • self in relationships 
    • spiritual dimensions

  • We are all recovering from something: ​
    • ​​drugs/alcohol 
    • codependency/sex/love addiction
    • self-defeating thoughts
    • gambling/shopping 
    • social media/tv/new 
    • workaholism
    • disordered eating  
  • Addiction, defined as any self-defeating habit, is seeded by trauma, pain, and suffering.  In order to heal addiction, we must heal the pain. We must go into the darkness and experience the very pain we so deperately avoid by engaging with our addictions. 

  • There is life beyond addiction. A sacred, precious journey to recovery awaits.


My passion is faciitating immersions where we completely unplug from our daily habits and dive deeply into self-examination and healing. The yoga-based transformational work is supported by delicious meals, cozy accommodations, nature, and community.

Building community is an essential component to recovery and weekly face-to-face and virtual classes create and maintain connections.

I also work privately utiizing in-person, phone/text coaching, and remote technology to support individuals, couples, and families.​​​​

email: YogiWendy.BeyondAddiction@gmail.com
call/text: 323-836-5793
​skype: doctorwendyharris
fb:  @ba.trainers
ig:  doctordoubleu