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​​The process of increasing awareness and improving our relationships with ourselves, our Higher Self, and with others involves honoring the physical body, learning to balance the mind and emotions, learning ways to consciously connect, and engaging with authenticity and kindness.

You deserve health and happiness. You deserve to live the best life possible. We all do.

Allow me to guide you and share tools that will improve your life. You deserve to be free from suffering, to feel better, and to experience your destiny that awaits.​​

As an Addiction Specialist and Recovery Coach, my work is informed by the following ideology:​

  • ​​There is not a one-size-fits all approach to recovery from addiction.

  • Addictions are self-defeating habits seeded by trauma, pain, and suffering. 

  • When we heal the pain, we heal the addiction. 

  • Effective, lasting interventions address the whole person as a spiritual being having a human experience including the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and self in relationships. 
  • We are all recovering from something: ​
    • ​​drugs/alcohol 
    • codependency/sex/love addiction
    • self-defeating thoughts
    • gambling/shopping 
    • social media/tv/new 
    • workaholism
    • disordered eating 

  • There is life Beyond Addiction.


My passion is teaching. I enjoy creating and facilitating immersions that bring individuals together to heal, and watching them emerge as better versions of themselves. By completely unplugging from daily habits and other distractions, we are able to dive deeply into self-examination in a supportive environment, while learning how to build a sustainable life in recovery from addiction. Our transformational work utilizes the powerful curriculum, Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery, created by Sat Dharam Kaur in 2008.

As Director of the Addiction and Recovery Specialization at Antioch University Los Angeles, I teach the cutting edge program I created to graduate students training to be therapists. My doctorate is in clinical psychology from APA-accredited California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. Contact me to request a copy of my published dissertation, Beyond Addiction: Mindfulness Meditation and Kundalini Yoga for Recovery from Opioid Dependence (Harris, 2015).     

I work internationally as a consultant and recovery coach utilizing remote technology. I also see individuals, couples, and families at my West Los Angeles office and facilitate therapeutic, skills-based DBT support groups.
  1.            Level II IKYTA                                            
       Certified Teacher
    Level II IKYTA Certified Teacher
    Trained by Master Teacher Trainers: Los Angeles (Yoga West & Golden Bridge) India, Canada, and New Mexico
  2.                Recovery               
    Recovery Coach
    SKYPE/zoom/Facetime DBT/Mindfulness/CBT Beyond Addiction 12-Step/Harm-Reduction
 fb: @ba.trainers 
ig: doctordoubleu
​2018 Upcoming Events

April 11-15 Sat Nam Fest Joshua Tree, CA ​

May 19-27 Beyond Addiction Owen Sound, Canada

June 22-July 1 Beyond Addiction Switzerland

September 22-30 Beyond Addiction​ Los Angeles, CA